We have three modern, upscale hotels available for your use that are close to the border.
They are: Premier,Ticuan and La Villa Zaragoza.At the Premier you will get the best & cleanest rooms.
Some of them provide condoms and room service for food & drinks. In addition, Some of the televisions
have free XXX movies. or for just a few dollars extra, you may want to add to your enjoyment.
You can upgrade your room to include a huge Jacuzzi, a steam room, and some offer a area setup
(including lights & music) for “pole dancing” to supplement your erotic pleasure!

For the ultimate experience in accommodations, there are also some 5-star hotels in the area such as:
the Like Pueblo Amigo Hotel ; the Grand Hotel ; the Camino Real Hotel ; or the Hotel Lucerna.
If you plan a 1-day or 2-day stay, you will probably need to register your guest for security reasons.
You can find more information, photos and telephone numbers for these hotels on the internet.


Motel Premier

AT the Premier our guests will get the Best Rooms at the Lowest rate !!!
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We are located in:
Juan Ojeda Robles # 1811
Colonia Mineral de Santa Fe, Via Rapida Oriente
Tijuana, Baja California
Phones: 607-5320 and 607-5316
From the US and Canada: 01152-664-607-5320 and 01152-664-607-5316

Hotel Ticuan
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Villa de Zaragoza
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