Please Note: You now will need a Passport or Passport Card, to cross back into the US.



We want all of our customers to know that their safety & enjoyment is our prime concern when visiting us in Tijuana.
Be assured, you will be completely safe with us during your visits here.
The drug-gang violence reported in the news is not targeted against tourists
and does not occur in the area you be frequenting when you come to see us.

Also, the police corruption will not be a problem for you because we will accompany you during
the entire time you are here. Some visitors experience problems when they venture
to the bars in the Red Zone, and elsewhere, looking for girls (and, maybe, drugs).
There are many risks involved for people who seek excitement in these areas.

As an alternative, we offer a very secure & courteous service. We will accompany you for each
and every minute during your appointment. One of us will meet you exactly at the point
where you pass through the gate into TJ and whisk you away to by taxi (or car)
to a designated rendezvous location just minutes away.

When your session has ended, our girls can telephone a taxi for pickup at the hotel,
so it is never necessary to go outside and hail a cab. You will then be safely returned
to the border just steps away from the entry point back to the United States. After one visit
you will be convinced that we provide a completely safe and highly enjoyable experience.
We think you will love our friendly & gorgeous girls and become one of our many repeat customers.
So, please, do not procrastinate because of safety concerns. We will take excellent care of you.
Take a look at the lovely ladies on this web site and give us a call!